Technology Solutions for Regulatory Authorities and Government Entities Administrating Campaign Finance Reporting

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Software As A Service (SAAS). TransparencyPro’s turnkey, user-friendly platform is your customized interface and repository for campaign finance reports. The platform boasts a simplistic and functional UI for both government administrators as well as filers. Built with an infrastructure that ensures integrity of data, TransparencyPro offers uptime guarantees and customized support options.


Around the globe, a team of political lawyers and regulatory experts keep the platform compliant for each country, state, county and city it is offered. TransparencyPro is currently the only solution in the State of Georgia that is 100% compliant with the rules, regulations and best practices set by the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission.


Innovative code fully automates TransparencyPro, transmitting disclosure filings directly to filing authorities. Whether it is the final destination for potential audit and safekeeping, or an intermediate agency in the process, the platform transmits complete data to each location without delay. Hosted alongside the service, and linked to the filing authority’s website, filed data is instantly available for public review satisfying open records mandates. TransparencyPro’s internal payment engine allows for efficient enforcement and collection of late fees and penalties where appropriate.


Automated Notifications generated by TransparencyPro are unique to each Filer and each Filing Authority. Users stay abreast of cutoff dates, deadlines, two-business day reporting periods and other key dates.

ui/user experience.

Unparalleled in simplicity, TransparencyPro gives hope to even the most technologically challenged with easy to navigate workflow. Responsive, the cloud based filing solution works with all common browsers, operating systems and hardware..

What else Can TransparencyPro do for you?

  • Satisfy the Legislative Mandate to capture, transmit and retain Campaign Finance Reports and Personal Financial Disclosures.
  • Report Late/Non-Filers through our automated technology platform.
  • Satisfy Open Records Laws without burdening the human or technology resources.
  • Alert administrators and filers to Confirm Filed Reports and Remind them of Impending Deadlines.
  • Perform Audit and Review requirements through automation.
  • It’s Ensured to Comply with campaign finance laws and remains current through Automated Updates.
  • It’s Turn-Key, Remotely Hosted and Maintained.
  • Eliminates Paper.
  • Developed and Maintained by former Regulators, leading Campaign Finance Experts and Attorneys. UI/ User Experience. Unparalleled in simplicity. The most technology challenged of users can easily navigate and follow the workflow. This is true for the filers and for the administrators.
  • Notifications. Automated notifications keep filers and filing authorities abreast of cutoff dates, deadlines, two-business day reporting periods, etc. Each filer receives notifications based on his/her unique situation (office, election year, election cycle, etc.).